Nasomatto - Baraonda 30ml


Baraonda by Alessandro Gualtieri is a mysterious addition to the Nasomatto. The name Baraonda means "chaos" or "hype" in Italian, but the perfume itself smells of pleasures of autumn. Delicate glass bowls with red berries, quince and apples apples cooked slowly to fall apart. An old book open on her knees, filling the air with dry, papery smell of lignin. A hint of caramel dance with wood resin... Baraonda takes heavy oil colours and uses them to create a watercolour extrait de parfum so exquisite that you will savour its scent long after wearing.

Notes: musk, whiskey, rose, woody

Nasomatto (meaning crazy nose) fragrances are modern, rich and spirited. Each creation is a highly concentrated parfum extract with incredible lasting power.