Divine Vanille 10ml


Originally from Grasse, France, Natalie received a doctorate in pharmacology and soon decided to pursue her passion for fragrance and enter the Givaudan school of perfumery.
Her exploration of music, literature, photography, as well as her panoply of scent impressions, influence every perfume she creates. 

Her fragrances exemplify “le partipris“ motivated by her desire to construct expressive scents with clarity and finesse. 

Natalie is behind the creation of highly successful fragrances for Dior, Chloe, Jean Paul Gaultier, Boucheron, Dolce Gabanna, Burberry, Coach, to name a few. 

Quote “It is the alchemy of lightness and depth, the contrast between theoretical rigor and poetry.” 

Notes: Oriental Vanilla T-Clary sage, Cinnamon and black pepper M-Osmanthus, Incense, B-Madagascar vanilla, Tonka Bean, Benzoin and Patchouli