Smokey Grey Oil Burner Set


1 Glass Oil Burner + 1 Aesop Oil + 6 tea lights + 1 Tin holder (Normally $137)

Oil Burner: Formed from precision-crafted borosilicate glass, the elegant Glass Oil Burner is a gorgeous piece of functional art to delight your senses.

Aesop Oil: Calming blends of 25ml to fill your home.

Tealight: These award winning tealights offer the most economical burn time of any beeswax tea light – with the safest fume rating of any candle

Tin holder: The reusable tealight tins are the only Australian-made, reusable tealight tins available on the market.

Add three to five drops to oil burner and replenish frequently. Wipe burner with a damp cloth after each use.