Xmas Love Candle


Early morning ocean swims, finding treasures in mossy rockpools and being embraced by the thick salty haze of summer. Long lunches, the sparkle of citrus, seagrass and crisp wild herbs. Cedarwood backgammon sets and afternoon siestas in shady hammocks under the sway of the nor’ easter. As the evening birds call, there’s a meander through the coastal woodland heath as you take in the amber glow of twilight hour from your favourite rocky perch.
This is the magic scent of Xmas.

Scent: Fresh, citrus, spicy, oceanic, green, woody, smokey

Elements: Native lemon myrtle, native ginger, seagrass, wild herbs, native eucalyptus, vetiver.

Surprise: Cedar leaf

Mood & Chemistry: Grounding and uplifting

Handmade in Sydney
Burns: 60+ hours
100% soy wax
Pure cotton wicks
Free of paraffin, parabens, phthalates and lead
Weight: 300g